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Useful Information

Increasingly, grant bids made by health and care companies are being supported by automated processes, and people who don't understand the sector. Bidshaper is staffed by health and care professionals with decades of experience in the sector.


You'll deal with someone who understands your business from the start, and we will work with you to create the best bid submission possible.

Working together

You complete the pre-evaluation questionnaire.

We contact you to discuss the results and the grant you wish to apply for.

We agree the time the work will take (days not weeks) and a reasonable price.

We start working with you.

When the work is complete, you submit it on the Funder’s portal.

You wait to hear how much money you have been awarded.


You contact us to discuss using our monthly retainer scheme.

This will enable us to apply for multiple grants together over the course of a year, and to create a bid content library that is always kept updated; so we can apply for any suitable grant at short notice with minimum extra effort.

Some frequently asked questions

  • Q: If we require support that is not on your list of standard services, can you provide that?

  • A: We have a pool of experts we can call on with a huge array of skills. Let's talk about what you need.

  • Q: Other bid support services take a percentage of the grant monies won. How much does Bidshaper take?

  • A: Nothing. This can easily save you £25,000 or more on each grant won.

  • Q: Isn't it more efficient to use an automated process (and content writer) like some of the larger bid support companies do?

  • A: Yes, it is more efficient. BUT, we have spoken to Funders and they can now easily spot this automated content, and reject those bids straight away.

  • Q: If we don't need all of the services in one of your standard retainer schemes, can we flex it to our requirements?

  • A: We are willing to adapt our packages to your needs. Let's have a conversation about it.

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